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You deserve to live a vibrant life, not a mare existence.


A life that includes anticipation of each day, feelings of joy, laughter, love, and happiness. 


To feel that you are worthy and deserve compassion, kindness, and care. 


You deserve to live without being weighed down by pain, worry, and exhaustion and constantly feeling your needs and desires are on hold.

Start living your life instead of merely tolerating it

Picture this.



• Living in surviving mode
• Having your life on hold
• Pushing & crashing and overextending
• Saying yes when you really want to say no
• Feeling guilty because you feel unreliable, unpredictable, and isolated
• Feeling unmotivated
• Numbing  your pain with food, drinking, or shopping
• Anxiety, worry, and exhaustion about things outside of your control
• Beating yourself up
• Overthinking and second guessing
• Paralyzing perfectionism
• Catastrophizing

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RheumMate membership provides coaching and support for people with autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia so you can have the tools to improve pain, stop exhaustion, overwhelm, and survival mode and start living intentionally with plans, goals, and dreams.

Learn how to tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul.

We'll teach you how to:

  • Regulate your nervous system so you can heal, restore, grow and connect.
  • Reconnect with your body through yoga and somatic practices.
  • Gain the tools to gather your sense of  calm, peace, and balance with meditation.
  • Retrain your mind and body from being reactive to being proactive.
  • Stop the mental and emotional drama that drains your energy, keeps you stuck, and makes you feel anything less than capable.
  • Improve your nutrition, exercise and sleep.
  • Align your vision with your reality.

It’s time to nurture yourself.



Neuroscience, lifestyle, mind-body deep dive video lessons to inspire you to think and act in a way that aligns with what you truly want from your life. Because working on yourself doesn't have to feel like work! These classes are fun, motivating, and designed to get you feeling excited about your life again.

Learning support is provided through thought-provoking & habit-forming workbooks, handouts, journal prompts, and exercises. You will go from a passive consumer to a practitioner and actually learn how to implement all the ideas we will teach you. 


These healing techniques will enhance the mind's positive impact on the body, induce relaxation and may improve overall health and well-being. Research indicates that mind-body therapies are safe and effective ways of mitigating physical and emotional symptoms and improving coping skills for chronic pain. Weekly live or recorded sessions suitable for every fitness level, including for beginners (please get medical clearance from your doctor to participate). 



Each month, there are several live group coaching and Q&A calls where you can get coached, listen to coaching and get answers to your questions. You can attend live or listen to recorded calls on the go.
Even if when you are not in the coaching seat, seeing what another person is experiencing will unlock new perspectives of your own life, and help you see that you are not alone.


Building new healthy habits takes time. A monthly 30-day challenge can help to get the ball rolling, especially if coupled with friendly competition, cheer, and support. Stop eating sugar, drink more water, incorporate movement, and practice gratitude, just to name a few. Start showing up as the most authentic version of yourself every day.


Let's build THE most supportive community around. You have 24/7 access to women and men like you for help, guidance, positivity, and drama-free advice. Support and be supported. Not on Facebook.  

Monthly member virtual meet-up.

Personalized accountability matching service.


Let's face it. Life is busy, and you need a program that fits into your life. All the content you get with membership is available on a computer, tablet, or cell phone app. All classes and calls are recorded. You'll have tutorials on how to use it and tech support if needed. 

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I'm a board-certified rheumatologist and internal medicine physician, host of the "Mind Your Fibro" podcast, life coach and a busy working mother of 4!
I am on the mission to empower women and men with autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia to live their best lives.
Combining the power of mind-body connection, neuroscience, pain education, lifestyle, and coaching, I am providing the evidence-based tools you need to rewire your brain, take control of your healing, and improve your quality of life.
I believe that every patient deserves access to these tools, and I am passionate about teaching you that.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-compassion, and healing.

Let's go!


"This is a lifestyle change.  In order to be successful I needed a compelling reason to change.  This motivated me to keep trying even if I started to slip back into old patterns.  It helped me recognize  when and why I was experiencing the emotions I was feeling and how to move forward and stay committed. Thank you for our session this morning.  Again, it was eye opening...This just helped me identify most of my life has been " living in survival mode" - I want to live the next years of my life intentionally!"


"I learned that relieving fibromyalgia symptoms is more than avoiding certain foods. I learned it's also about consciously managing what I eat (being mindful) and adding foods that promote good health. I learned how to plan my meals for the week in a way that I eat a good variety of healthy foods that promote a healthy micro biome. I significantly reduced the sugar I consume. I’ve lost ten pounds. I started eating more fruits and vegetables. I have more energy and less myalgia pain"




RheumMate is for you

if you are a man or a woman with an autoimmune condition, chronic pain, or fibromyalgia, or if you are a support person (spouse, partner, caregiver, or friend).

You work with a healthcare provider but need additional support with learning about lifestyle changes (nutrition, exercise, sleep, and healthy habits), mindset, and stress reduction. 

Your doctor is the captain of your care-ship, and RheumMate is the first mate. 

RheumMate is for you

if you feel isolated and alone and need a community of mates.
The human nervous system is all about safety. It responds to safety cues and is responsible for inviting connections with others.
The syncing of each other's nervous systems allows humans to empathize and feel alongside one another. Health, growth, and restoration are possible in the state of interpersonal connection.

Get your tribe. 

RheumMate is for you

if you have read all the self-help books you can get your hands on.

You have researched, dieted, and followed different protocols.

You have tried to move, excercise, or mediate - but just too tired to persist. 

You always feel like you are falling off the “wagon” and the habits just don’t stick.

Let's work on these habits together.  We'll be your running mates.


Everyone’s journey is different, but you don't need to go alone. 


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$97 membership fee, billed monthly (you can cancel at any time).

  • 1 deep dive class per month
  • 1 monthly Q&A with Dr. Pinkston
  • 1-2 monthly group coaching calls -live/recorded 
  • Guest Speakers
  • Weekly live or recorded yoga/meditation sessions for beginners 
  • Monthly member virtual meet-ups
  • Printable materials - workbooks, guides, handouts, journal prompts, and exercises - so you can be an active learner. 
  • Member-only community (not on Facebook)
  • Monthly 30-day challenges to make your habits stick
  • Personalized accountability matching service
  • Bonuses: Immediate access to: Mindful Eating Course, Healing From the Root Workshop Replay, "5 steps to feeling better with fibro during the holidays" training.
  • *** Please do not join if you are current Dr. Pinkston's clinic patient - email her instead at  [email protected] ***


Mindful Eating Course

Healthy and consistent nutrition, is one of the most powerful and strategic ways to make an impact on your health and symptoms, as well as your overall health, weight and quality of life.

Watch the replay of the 2022 course on nutrition, including recorded lessons, coaching sessions. This course will be updated soon and will be included for you at no additional cost. 

Healing from the Root - 3 part workshop.

Get the replay of the workshop and learn about the nervous system, the Polyvagal theory, and the tools we have to regulate a dysregulated nervous system. 

5 Steps to feeling better wtih fibro during the holidays

Get a 5 day training course about handling the stress of the holidays. 


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your membership, you can cancel anytime.