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When my oldest was in kindergarten and learning how to read, his younger siblings were 3 and 4 years old. They were fascinated with reading and wanted to learn how to read as well. I was in medical school and between classes, I was studying and managing the household full of kids and chores. Teaching toddlers how to read was not on my agenda. We tried the popular reading program with DVDs, workbooks, books, and flashcards. The system was not made for a busy working mom – it was too involved, too complex for my tired brain to follow without planning or daily practice. I felt overwhelmed, defeated, and frustrated. Then I found “The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons” book on Amazon. It was a book combined with lessons and practice, designed for parents, with easy-to-follow instructions. The beauty of this book was the introduction of sounds based on frequency of use, practice with games, and incremental approach that could be done in few minutes per day without additional planning or accessories. In less than three months, my kids were reading.

When I think of fibromyalgia, I imagine a patient faced with the overwhelming task of research, planning, managing medications, and doctor visits while constantly feeling exhausted, in pain, and stressed out. And what about her job, family, and kids? Balancing life while faced with a chronic pain condition with flares and unpredictability of symptoms? With brain fog that makes following even the simplest instructions difficult and frustrating?

The three pillars of fibro treatment I described last week – education, self-care, and pain management are designed to simplify and provide clarity to treatment.

Fibromyalgia treatment, while it has many parts, does not have to be overwhelming. Focusing on parts that provide the biggest impact on the quality of life first is key. Being systematic, consistent, and deliberate will create a foundation that will be built upon later.

We all learned how to read, and it was a slow and, at times frustrating process, for both the reader and the teacher. Think of the fibro treatment in a similar manner. Learn the foundations, be open-minded to receive instructions, do not jump ahead and practice, practice, practice.  Work daily on small, realistic goals. You will be rewarded.

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Get a "Fibromyalgia is real" postcard

I created a postcard to share information about fibromyalgia. It describes what it is, the symptoms, and lists "I would like you to know" facts that many of my patients want their family or friends to remember. Do your people know that a hug may hurt you, but you are too embarrassed to tell them? That activities with noise may overwhelm you and cause a flare? If you push too hard, you may crash and be in pain for days after? That you already know everything you need to know about fibro and do not need yet another well-meant advice?
You can download the card and print it at home or send it to any print shop that prints cards.


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